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10 Fastest Fish in the World

  • Fish are one of the most diverse groups of animals living on our planet. There are over 32,400 species of fish known to science and this number is increasing constantly. The above fish named Sailfish is the fastest which swims at 110 km/hr (68 mph), below is a list of remaining fastest fish in the world.


    Marlin swims at 80 km/hr (50 mph)


    Wahoo swims at 78 km/hr (48 mph)


    Tunny swims at 74 km/hr (46 mph)


    Bluefin Tuna swims at 70 km/hr (44 mph)


    Great Blue Shark swims at 69 km/hr (43 mph)


    Bonefish swims at 64 km/hr (40 mph)


    Swordfish swims at 64 km/hr (40 mph)


    Four-winged flying fish swims at 56 km/hr (35 mph)


    Tarpon swims at 56 km/hr (35 mph)


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