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11 Year Old Boy Performs Heroic Dog Rescue

  • A brave 11 year old boy from Brazil delighted dog lovers across the globe when he risked his life to save an injured dog. After being hit by a car on the main street, the pup was left for dead by the careless driver. Luckily, Jean Fernandes witnessed the horrific incident and wove his way between oncoming vehicles in order to get to the injured pooch. Brazillian photographer, Rafaela Martinsa was also on the scene to capture images of the heartwarming rescue in action.

    It’s moments like these that really prove just how strong the connection between humans and animals can be.

    Jean Fernandes has always loved animals and is known around his town for rescuing any that he finds injured or abused. He named his latest rescued dog Mel, which means ‘honey’ in Portuguese. Pretty cute don”t you think? Mel is currently being cared for in a local animal control center but is expected to make a full recovery thanks to the efforts of Jean.

    A fearless Jean braves the street in order to save Mel from oncoming traffic. What a hero! Photo credit: Rafaela Martinsa

    Thanks to The Huffington Post for the heads up on Jean’s incredible rescue story!

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