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21 Funny Cats & Dogs Who Don’t Understand Furniture!

  • While chairs, tables, hammocks and sofas may seem simple enough to use, our four legged friends may have a different opinion on the matter… We’re not sure what some of these hilarious pets are trying to achieve but whatever it is, they definitely made us laugh!

    Check out the gallery below for a compilation of some of the best side splitting pet furniture fails: 21 Funny Cats & Dogs Who Don’t Understand Furniture!

    1. This pooch pooch looks a little confused about how he got there!f1

    2. You wouldn’t want to cross this bridge if you were a mouse…f2

    3. This duo of cats don’t look too comfortable…f3

    4. That’s one way to pull down the blinds!f4

    5. This kitty looks like its delving for long lost coins…f5

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