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26 Foods That Could KILL Your Pets!

  • Though we all love our pets, and every responsible pet owner (to his or her best knowledge), tries to care and give their loved ones the best in every way – especially when choosing food and treats! But unfortunately, even the most well intentioned pet owners can give certain foods not knowing that some of those foods could be extremely harmful and dangerous and even lead to death. So here is a list of 26 common foods that you NEED TO BE AWARE OF as they can seriously harm your furry loved ones and potentially cause them to live lives that are not the happiest and healthy lives they deserve!

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    1. Chocolate


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    Almost everyone loves chocolates, but that’s not a a good reason to give it to your pets. Chocolate products contain substances called methylxanthines which can cause vomiting (in small doses) and in some cases, even death if the doses are large enough. The level of toxicity depends on the type of chocolate and size of your pet, but as responsible animal owners, we must not take such risks and do our best to keep the chocolates away from them – so watch those kids!

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