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26 Foods That Could KILL Your Pets!

  • 2. Apricot Pits


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    Though Apricots are a super healthy fruit for humans, they must be kept away from pets as cases of pets choking on the pit of an apricot have been recorded to be harmful to animals as the shape and texture of the apricot pit can easily cause animals to choke, and could possibly result in death! (Your pet doesn’t know there’s a pit inside).

    3. Alcohol


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    When it comes to Alcohol, even humans can’t handle it. So alcohol for pets is a BIG no-no! Alcohol for animals can induce vomiting, breathe problems, poisoning, coma and even death. It takes a significantly less quantity of Alcohol to affect a dog or a cat, and even a seemingly innocent taste can do damage to your pet. And while we understand it might get a few laughs to get your dog to have a sip of beer, but cut it out! – you could be harming your best friend!

    4. Avocado


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    For humans it’s super healthy, but not for animals! Avocadoes have a substance called persin that can act as poison to dogs which can cause vomiting and diarrhoea. It’s also best to avoid serving avocado up to other pets, including cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds.

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