Over 350 Dogs Rescued From Georgian Puppy Mill

  • A US woman is facing a huge 264 animal cruelty charges after marshals seized 357 dogs and puppies from her rural Cherokee County property. Upon raiding Joy Wise’s Heavenly Kennels breeding business, officials discovered hundreds of dogs living in squalor. Many were covered in their own faeces while others could barely move in their tiny cages.

    Cherokee County Animal Shelter was overcome with the sheer number of rescued dogs and was forced to shut its doors in order to assess the animals and begin to nurse them back to health.

    These pups had to make do with a towel as a bed.


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    “I saw dogs sleeping in food bowls so they could get off the wire screen that was the bottom of their cage, designed so that when the dogs urinated, the mess would fall through the grate” said Dr. Michael Good, a veterinarian who arrived on the scene to help with the rescue efforts.

    “Imagine living your whole life on something like that. It’s got to have an effect on your ligaments and your joints.”

    Puppies like these little guys may look cute in online pictures but in reality, some are bred in terrible living conditions.


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    While the property has only just been raided, the investigation has been underway since early this year when a woman purchased a Yorkie-Chihuahua mix from Heavenly Kennels, only to see it die just days later.

    Lack of nutritious food has been identified as one of the reasons the woman’s puppy may have died at such a young age.


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    According to information drawn from, Wise has been breeding dogs for over 35 years and specialised in ‘designer’ breeds. Wise and her husband plan to fight the charges however given the shocking evidence, it is unlikely they will be allowed to keep the animals and continue to run their breeding kennel.

    The Cherokee County Animal Shelter was overwhelmed by the influx of dogs.


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    Once again, this story emphasises the need for new pet owners to consider adoption instead of purchasing dogs from online sellers. Not only does this offer abandoned dogs a loving new home but it also helps to put an end to the horrific breeding kennel conditions that puppy mill pooches have to face.

    These stark, bare conditions are no place for dogs to live.


    Image credit: USA Today

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