6 Week Old Baby Cheetah Meets His Lifelong Puppy Companion

  • Meet ‘Ruuxa’, a super-cute baby cheetah cub only 6 weeks old – and his new lifelong companion – an adorable 7-week-old Rhodesian ridgeback puppy named ‘Raina’. These two cuties have been spending lots of time together at the Safari park in an effort to create a very special bond that will help these two new buddies serve as life-long companions.

    Watch this adorable video of how Ruuxa the little cheetah and Raina the little puppy first met in an effort to help them become amazing animal BFF’s and share your thoughts in the comments below!

    Selected cheetahs are used for training as ambassadors for Safari parks and paired very early in life by a domestic dog. By picking up the dog’s body language as they grow up together, the Cheetah will learn that there’s nothing to fear in new or public environments, which which helps relax the big cats. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park currently has four cheetah ambassadors all of which are trained to participate in the Park’s Cheetah Run experience.

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