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7 Of The Most Frighteningly Bizarre Ocean Creatures

  • We think of the water as a sort-of maritime wilderness. Little do we realize that beneath the surface are some of the most bizarre ocean creatures ever.

    Here are 7 of the most frighteningly bizarre ocean creatures.

    1-) The Hatchetfish


    2-) The Blobfish

    ocean-creatures-blobfish-pair ocean-creatures-blobfish-held

    3-) The Fangtooth

    ocean-creatures-fangtooth-fancy ocean-creatures-fangtooth-fish-close

    4-) The Sea Cucumber

    ocean-creatures-sea-cucumber-giant ocean-creatures-sea-cucumber-leopard

    5-) The Goblin Shark

    ocean-creatures-goblin-shark ocean-creatures-goblin-shark-flesh

    6-) The Flamingo Tongue Snail

    ocean-creatures-flamingo-tongue-snail-below ocean-creatures-flamingo-tongue-snail-close

    7-) The Angler Fish

    ocean-creatures-angler-fish-bright ocean-creatures-angler-fish-front

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