9 Adorable Tennis Ball Loving Puppies That Will Make You Smile

  • Wimbledon hit its final stages this week and today, the world braces itself to watch two of tennis’s greatest masters fight it out for a place in the men’s final. Djokovic and Federer might be tough as nails when it comes to tracking down those tennis balls but we know some other, somewhat hairier, tennis enthusiasts that will melt your heart… PUPPIES!

    Since as far back as the 16th century when Scottish craftsmen fashioned them from the rope tied, wool wrapped stomachs of sheep and goats (yes, it’s true!) tennis balls have been irresistible to playful pups looking for something to chase, chew and drool on!

    tennis puppy 1

    The only thing this little pup can get its teeth around is the ball fuzz! Image via: Pikdit

    tennis puppy 3

    We think this adorable pooch should be the next Dunlop posterpup! Image via: Flickr pmin00

    tennis puppy 4

    This pup is making an adorable attempt at fiercely guarding its tennis ball. Image via: DailyPuppy

    tennis puppy 5

    This techni-coloured terrier looks over the moon that it’s wrapped its jaws around a tennis ball! Image via: The Fluffington Post

    tennis puppy 6

    The hills are alive… With the sound of tennis mad pups! Image via: 100 Awesome Things


    tennis puppy 7

    This little guy seems to have bitten off more than he can chew! Image via: Flickr PetteriO

    tennis puppy 8

    Not even Djokovic and Federer could take on a ball this size! Image via: A Place To Love Dogs

    tennis puppy 9

    This cutie has really sunk its teeth into that ball! Image via: Fierce Tennis

    Golden Retriever Puppy dreaming

    After a hard day playing ball, it’s time for a well-deserved nap. Image via: The Dog Training Secret

    Best of luck boys, but even with your shirts off, you ain’t got nothing on these cuties!

    Got any pics of your puppy and his favourite inanimate object? Share them with us!



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