Over 90 Dogs Saved From Inhumane Michigan Puppy Mill

  • If you’re in the market for a cute new puppy, make sure you read on before making an online purchase…

    A recent combined effort from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Livingston County Animal Control (LCAC) resulted in the rescue of over 90 dogs from the horrific living conditions of a local district puppy mill.

    Conditions such as these left the dogs weak, unhealthy and miserable. Photo credit: Pam Sordyl/HSUS

    While the facility had been under observation from LCAC for some time, the organisation simply could not gather enough evidence to raid the property and confirm its suspicions of overcrowding and neglect.

    Thankfully, LCAC eventually based its raid on a series of accounts from concerned visitors who had seen what was going on at the kennel.

    Finally! The puppy mill raid goes ahead. Photo credit: Pam Sordyl/HSUS

    Jill Fritz, Michigan senior state director for the HSUS explains that it was “a series of recent eyewitness accounts and reports from people who had visited the kennel” that finally allowed the raid to legally go ahead.

    LCAC was also commended for its role in the raid, Fritz adding that HSUS is “tremendously grateful to Livingston County Animal Control for their hard work in this case.”

    We’re certain that the 90 gorgeous dogs and puppies who were rescued from the horrible conditions feel the same way!

    Even with his matted hair, this little pup is adorable! Photo credit: Pam Sordyl/HSUS

    So how was something like this allowed to happen? According to experts there is a serious lack of laws and regulations when it comes to monitoring Michigan’s ‘large scale breeding facilities.’ In fact, the legislations are so slack that the state and its surrounding regions have been dubbed the ’Puppy Mill Belt’ thanks to the ease with which kennel owners can mass breed dogs.

    The problem is turning into a serious issue with two similar busts carried out in the last two years. The first rescued over 350 dogs from an out of control breeding kennel while the second saw at least 120 pups liberated from the hands of a careless commercial breeder.

    While it’s all very well to ostracise the breeders for their actions, it’s important to ask why they were being carried out. In this case, the Livingston County puppy mill was operating to meet the rapidly increasing demands of the online puppy market. So think twice if you’re thinking about buying a pooch over the internet!

    Rather than take proper care of their pups, the owners were blinded by profits and left many of their dogs to endure matted hair, dehydration, dental problems and vision issues.

    This poop pup is desperate to get out of there. Photo credit: Pam Sordyl/HSUS

    The dogs ranged in size and breed, from fully grown German Shepherds to helpless poodle puppies. The inhumane conditions were heartbreaking and saw the dogs crammed into small cages without the space to stretch their limbs. This is a commonly known cause of temporary canine insanity and should not be inflicted upon any animal.

    You’ll be happy to hear that after the intervention, the dogs were immediately housed in a temporary animal shelter where they were given all the necessary medical care and attention needed to help them along the road to recovery.

    How could anyone mistreat anything as cute as this little puppy? Photo credit: Pam Sordyl/HSUS

    There are also talks to rewrite state legislations which will help moderate standards and prevent these types of cases from happening in the future.

    So overall, it’s a great result and it’s wonderful to hear that all the dogs were given a new lease on life!

    If you want to find out more about HSUS and the amazing work they are doing to put a stop to puppy mills, head over to their Facebook page.

    Thanks to One Green Planet for making us aware of what’s going on in Michigan.

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