Adorable Pit Bull Pup Is Rescued From Midst Of A Horrific US Dog Fighting Ring

  • A combined effort from The Humane Society of the United States, The ASPCA and the US Government has resulted in the rescue of over 350 starving, abused and neglected dogs. The raid was one of the largest dog fighting ring busts in US history and expanded across the states of Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. The level of animal abuse was atrocious and the dogs were found in appalling conditions that would turn the stomachs of animal lovers far and wide.

    Behind the dog fighting ring were a collection of characters that have since been arrested and reprimanded for their roles in the horrifying organisation. The charges relate to those of felony dog fighting and animal abuse.

    A particularly heartbreaking case was that of an eight week old puppy named Timmy Cooper. Timmy was one of the youngest dogs in the rescue and won the affection of ASPCA workers to the extent that he has now become the poster puppy for the organisation which advocates for animal rights. The pictures of the adorable puppy are confronting yet thankfully the raid has resulted in a happy ending for Timmy and his fellow canines.

    A glimpse into the living conditions of the severely mistreated animals. Photo credit: ASPCA

    dog fighting pup 

    Timmy Cooper was among the hundreds of dogs that were rescued from the inhumane treatment.  Photo credit: ASPCA

    pup in chain

    Isn’t Timmy adorable? We simply can’t comprehend how anyone could be so cruel to such a gorgeous animal. Photo credit: ASPCA

    ASPCA advertisment

     This was the advertisement that was released the day Timmy was rescued. He makes the perfect poster pup for increasing public awareness of the criminal mistreatment of animals. Photo credit: ASPCA

    caged Pit Bull pup

    Timmy couldn’t wait to get out of there! Photo credit: ASPCA

    ASPCA rescue team

    ASPCA workers come to the rescue of Timmy and the hundreds of other dogs found on the three US states. Photo credit: ASPCA

    ASPCA rescue pup

    Despite his tough life, Timmy still has a lot of love to give to his rescuers! Photo credit: ASPCA

     playful Pit Bull pup

    Now little Timmy can enjoy being a puppy and receive all the love and attention he deserves. Photo credit: ASPCA

     HSCC Maryland

    After the rescue, many of the dogs were transported to the Humane Society of Calvert County in Maryland to receive much needed care and treatment. Photo credit: ASPCA

    happy Pit Bull puppy

    Thanks to the efforts of the dedicated rescue teams, Timmy is growing up into a happy, healthy and playful pup. Photo credit: ASPCA

     Timmy Cooper loves his new life

    He loves to roam around the park and is full of energy! Photo credit: ASPCA

    Timmy's new family

    Despite a long adoption process, Timmy has settled in perfectly with his new family and has learned to trust humans again. Photo credit: ASPCA

    Timmy's new owner 

    Timmy’s is a heart-warming story that shows how much difference these amazing organisations can have on an animal’s life. Photo credit: ASPCA

    Nine months on and we’re happy to report that most of the rescued dogs have either been adopted by loving families or are in the process of being re-homed. The incredible rescue teams helped reshape the lives of these sweet pups and we can’t credit them enough for their amazing efforts!

    If you want to help them continue with their life changing work, why not make a donation to the Humane Society or ASPCA. Every little bit helps save the lives of lovable pups like Timmy!

    Thanks to ViralNova for the lead on this eye opening story.



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