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Cute Animal Photos That Make You Go Aww by Justin Lo

Justin Lo is an amateur photographer who wants to share his photographs with the world.

Flying Fish
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Amazing Flying Fish Video

Check out this amazing footage of a flying fish in action as it glides above the water at high speed. Flying fish are capable of gliding above the water thanks to huge fins that act like wings. Watch this amazing video below.

Hard Worker
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In Search of Perfect Moment: Astonishing Images by Mario Moreno

For the past 13 years, photographer Mario Moreno has been on an amazing visual journey exploring the African continent with an intense photographic passion.

Let's Dance
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Beauty In The Details: The Amazing Macro Photography of Shikei Goh

Shikhei Goh the Indonesian Photoartist is renowned all over the world for his super macro images of insect mainly dragonflies. He takes macro photography to an entirely different level by creating never before seen images of tiny creatures.

Amazing Wildlife Videos

Lion Encounter Video

Watch a BBC reporter get a one on one experience he’ll never forget in this lion encounter video. After learning a bit about the lions the reporter enters the lions den where the giant animals size him up. Never feeling completely comfortable with a strange human inside their den, the …