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They Introduced This 13 Year Old Autistic Boy To A Pit Bull, But What Happened Is AMAZING!

They Introduced This 13 Year Old Autistic Boy To A PitBull, But What Happened Is AMAZING! An autistic boy learns the real meaning of unconditional love and compassion through the heart of a Pit Bull. Meet thirteen year old Joey. Joey has always had a difficult time meeting new people, …

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A Passer-by Thought This Dog Was A Pile Of Trash – A Shocking Transformation Story

Did you know that homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1? It’s not surprising to see an unwanted animal roaming the streets in even the smallest of towns. This is a heartbreaking reality we live with, but sometimes people find a way to help those dogs and cats in need. …

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Tiny Dreamer – 3 Day Old Husky Puppy Will Melt Your Heart

Meet Ferarro, the little 3 day old tiny puppy dreamer. When I saw him, my heart literally melted and I had to share! Eyes not even opened yet, and too tired to play, how tiny and adorable is he! And how beautiful is his mommy as she watches over her …

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This Poor Abandoned Puppy Was So TERRIFIED At First, But What Happens Next Is Incredible!

This is another amazing rescue by Eldad Hagar. This poor abandoned dog was absolutely terrified of human contact and even bit his rescuers during their attempts to save him in a dramatic, combined effort by Hope For Paws, Annie Hart who joined Eldad on this rescue, and The Mutt Scouts who are temporarily caring for Theo …

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Yes, This Cat Has Two Heads And They Are Awesome!

Meet Frank and Louie, a cat with two faces! He’s not two conjoined twins, he is a single cat with two faces. The condition is called “Diprosopus” and Frank and Louie is the oldest known surviving cat who suffers from it. According to The Star,  Frank and Louie does not …

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21 Funny Cats & Dogs Who Don’t Understand Furniture!

While chairs, tables, hammocks and sofas may seem simple enough to use, our four legged friends may have a different opinion on the matter… We’re not sure what some of these hilarious pets are trying to achieve but whatever it is, they definitely made us laugh! Check out the gallery below …

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Wallace The Pit Bull Celebrates His 11th Birthday Chemo Free

This is a heartwarming story about a loveable Pit Bull called Wallace. Sadly, after receiving diagnosis with hemangiosarcoma, Wallace was given 2 weeks to 3 months to live without chemotherapy. Wallace’s family are true dog lovers and have turned Wallace’s story into a book written by Jim Gorant which tells of Wallace’s journey from …

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Awesome Smartest And Funny Dogs Video Compilation!

If you’re like most people who love Dogs (and any pet or animal lover for that matter), then you would no doubt spend a portion of time during your week browsing through funny animal videos on YouTube – whether it be at work during downtime, or on the weekend out of boredom. Well, …


Rescue Of A Pitbull Who Just Wanted To Be Loved

Eldad and the team at Hope For Paws received an urgent call about a stray pit bull who had reportedly been injured by neighbourhood kids who were throwing rocks at the frightened dog. watch the video below and see how the team were able to gain the frightened dogs trust after …


Adorable Cats And Dogs Meeting Babies For The Very First Time!!

What could be cuter than when our four-legged family members meet our newest additions and this is a collection of some of the most adorable of those precious moments captured on the net! Some of these cute animals’ reactions are absolutely priceless and I’m sure are the beginning of many beautiful memories as these …


6 Week Old Baby Cheetah Meets His Lifelong Puppy Companion

Meet ‘Ruuxa’, a super-cute baby cheetah cub only 6 weeks old – and his new lifelong companion – an adorable 7-week-old Rhodesian ridgeback puppy named ‘Raina’. These two cuties have been spending lots of time together at the Safari park in an effort to create a very special bond that will help …

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Sweet Dog Cries For Joy After His Soldier Dads Return From Service

Featured pic via This is undoubtably one of the sweetest displays of affection by an animal I’ve seen. Upon his return from six months service, this soldier’s sweet dog’s display of emotion and love was easily enough to melt our hearts! I have to admit that I even became a …