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VIDEO: Bird Speaking Japanese Will Blow Your Mind

Many birds are renown for copying human speech. But for some reason, it kinda seems even more amazing that this bird can apparently ‘speak’ Japanese. Of course, it is just copying the humans around it as a bird in any English speaking country would. But watch this amazing bird and …

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Husky Just Wants To Play…But This Cat Just Ain’t In The Mood!

This hilarious husky will not take no for an answer! The overly friendly dog tries so hard to engage and play with the cat, but as cats can sometimes be, she gives the dog no love at all just sitting there looking confused, a little annoyed and maybe a little …

Funny Video- Dogs Getting Scared Of Random Things
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Video Of Dogs Getting Super-Scared Of Random Objects Is Awesome!

Sometimes dogs get scared of everyday accessories, like vacuum cleaner, toy, cell phone or even remote control! Now I’m still trying to work out whether some of these clips are hilarious – or just downright nasty because these dogs are getting scared of the most random things! Here are some …

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These Dogs Who Just DON’T Want to Bath Will Make You CRY!

This is HILARIOUS!! These funny dogs will do ANYTHING to avoid getting a bath! Here’s a funny compilation about dogs and their bathing. I kind of can’t help feeling a little sorry for them, but their reactions are so priceless! Most of them are hating to get in the bath …

Pic via Hope For Paws on Vimeo
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This Poor Abandoned Puppy Was So TERRIFIED At First, But What Happens Next Is Incredible!

This is another amazing rescue by Eldad Hagar. This poor abandoned dog was absolutely terrified of human contact and even bit his rescuers during their attempts to save him in a dramatic, combined effort by Hope For Paws, Annie Hart who joined Eldad on this rescue, and The Mutt Scouts who are temporarily caring for Theo …

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26 Foods That Could KILL Your Pets!

Though we all love our pets, and every responsible pet owner (to his or her best knowledge), tries to care and give their loved ones the best in every way – especially when choosing food and treats! But unfortunately, even the most well intentioned pet owners can give certain foods not knowing that some …

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21 Funniest Dog Gifs Probably Ever!

THIS is why we love dogs!! The best, cutest, and most ridiculous canine moments…probably ever. Here are 21 Funny Dog gifs guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Use the navigation buttons below and please share if you enjoyed as it could actually make someone’s lives better!!

Meet Frank and Louie, A Cat With Two Faces1
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Yes, This Cat Has Two Heads And They Are Awesome!

Meet Frank and Louie, a cat with two faces! He’s not two conjoined twins, he is a single cat with two faces. The condition is called “Diprosopus” and Frank and Louie is the oldest known surviving cat who suffers from it. According to The Star,  Frank and Louie does not …

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21 Funny Cats & Dogs Who Don’t Understand Furniture!

While chairs, tables, hammocks and sofas may seem simple enough to use, our four legged friends may have a different opinion on the matter… We’re not sure what some of these hilarious pets are trying to achieve but whatever it is, they definitely made us laugh! Check out the gallery below …


Koko The Gorilla Mourns The Loss Of Robin Williams – Warning: Tissues Needed!

Make sure you have a box of tissues on hand because these photos of Koko the gorilla reacting to the death of her pal Robin Williams are sure to draw a tear or two… The beloved Mrs Doubtfire actor was famous for his incredible ability to touch the lives of …


These Adorable Dogs Just don’t Know What To Think Of This Magician’s Trick…

Anyone who’s seen a good magic show will testify that at times, your mind is well and truly blown! No matter how hard you look, you just can’t seem to wrap your head around how the magician pulls of those mind boggling tricks. Apparently, dogs feel the same way… Dangle …

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Safari Park Elephant Scratches Itch On VW Polo

The awestruck passengers of a VW Polo got the surprise of their lives when an itch ridden elephant decided to relieve itself using the pint sized car. While trees and rocks usually suffice as adequate itching sticks, this lumbering giant decided that the roof and bonnet of the silver vehicle …