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Ducklings Try Their Best To Ascend Stairs

There are countless adorable videos of ducklings struggling to descend a stairs while faithfully following mom. But this precious video flips that concept on its head. Instead of trying to go down the steps, this flock of adorable ducklings labor to ascend two large steps. While they make it? Ohhh, …

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Raccoon Eating Grapes Will Inspire You To Eat More Fresh Fruit

The clip features a friendly raccoon dinner guest enjoying a bunch of grapes like a kid ravaging their Halloween candy. Watch this adorable video below..

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Cat Pops Water Balloons

After prepping a bowl of water balloons for some summer fun, the human came home to discover their munchkin cat investigating the bowl of colorful balloons. Naturally, the cat was shocked after popping a few, and, like any good kitty, quickly grew bored of the new stimulus. Watch this below..

Cute Animal Videos

Ducklings Following Man Everywhere Is Adorable

Matthew Sargent explains that his neighbor rescued 13 duck eggs after the mother duck died. He decided to put the eggs in incubators to hatch them, and now he has a flock of adorable ducklings. Just like they would with their mama, the ducklings follow him around where ever he …

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Hand Feeding & Playing With A Friendly Platypus

Move aside cats, kittens, and puppies, there’s a new adorable creature charming viewers online, and it’s not a pet or even a ubiquitous animal. Watch it below!

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Rescued Seals Released Back Into The Wild

Who doesn’t love cute seals? The web sure loves ‘em. The Animal Planet posted this short video from their North Woods Law reality show of Warden Rick LaFlamme helping release a group of rescued seals back into the wild.

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Dog Steals Gloves At Girls Softball Game

A Western Oregon University game was interrupted after a dog ran on the field and stole two gloves right off the hands of players. The pit bull obviously was upset that no one on field would pass him the ball, so he took the game into his own hands, er, …

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Determined Mouse Tries To Carry Cookie Over Ledge

The clip was appropriately titled Мышь vs. Печенька, or Mouse vs. Cookie, as a cute little mouse had found a nice, large biscuit as big as itself, and was determined to carry it over a ledge to its den. Will it succeed? The suspense is nerve racking.

seal (2)
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Cute Seal Loves Getting Belly Rub

Seals really are water-dogs. Scuba diver Jason Neilus experienced how similar seals are to Man’s best friend when he went diving by the Ferne Islands in the United Kingdom. The curious seals his diving group stumbled upon seemed to act just like dogs would, curiously smelling the divers in a …

Cute Animal Videos

How To Make A Thin, Flat Hamster

The human in this video explains how to make a ‘flat hamster.’ It’s quite simple really. Just hold your little hammie and softly pet it until it becomes flatter and flatter. Soon, you will have a very relaxed and flat hamster. So Cute!

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Lion Cubs Play Outside

Neka’s 7-week-old lion cubs explore the outdoor habitat on a sunny day at the Oregon Zoo. The three young cubs can be seen climbing logs, chasing each other and trying to bite their mom’s tail. See these adorable cubs below..

Husky Protects Kitten From Own Mother
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Husky Protects a Kitten From Its Own Mother!

Freya the Husky had a chance to babysit a kitten when the kitten’s mommy left her for a while. Oddly enough, in a very unusual interspecies act of ‘motherly instinct’, Freya the husky decided to look after and protect this tiny kitten, not even letting the kitten’s own mother come close acting …