Hilarious Sneaky Dog Pushes Cat Into Bath! LOL youtube
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Hilarious Sneaky Dog Pushes Cat Into Bath! LOL

In the latest Cats Vs Dogs saga, it’s a win for the dogs! Check out what ‘Kai’, the hilarious Staffordshire terrier pup does to his feline family member, ‘Shadow’ when contending for a toy in the bathtub! Was it payback? Or maybe a chance to show whose boss…or was it just impatience? Probably …

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Cats And Dog React To Stuffed Bobcat

These cats and dog had never seen this taxidermy “stuffed” Bobcat. Their reaction is, well just watch! :)

Top 10 Cute Sleepy Animals - CUTENESS OVERLOAD1
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Top 10 Cute Sleepy Animals – CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!

OMG this is TOO CUTE! Actually, could there even be anything cuter than sleepy baby animals!? Here 10 incredibly adorable clips of adorably exhausted pets! Which one’s your favourite?

kitten guard
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CUTENESS OVERLOAD: A Dog Sleeping With His Kittens

THIS IS ADORABLE! While this sweet Golden Retriever is trying to sleep, he is being closely guarded by two adorably cute kittens – the reason why he hasn’t a care in the world! Watch this cute clip below and let the sleepy cuteness wash all your troubles away today!

hey cat
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Hilarious Video: Cat Saying ‘Hey’ Will Make You Question Your Sanity

We can never get enough of talking animal videos, can we? And this video just gets better, with a cat saying ‘Hey’ every time he faces the camera! We recognize that it’s the owner’s voice but he nails each and every expression by ranging the tone aptly to the situation.

Dubstep Cat

Dubstep Cat

All wbowerproductions did was mix two of the web’s favorite obsessions together, namely Dubstep and cats. This humorous video showcasing a cat dancing to Dubstep with the help of its owner has garnered over 14 million hits!

A cat saves a boy from a dog in California
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Hero Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack!!

This is one of those bizarre and truly amazing animal stories that surprise everyone! The 4yo boy was playing outside his how when somehow a neighbours guard dog comes at the boy, latching onto his let and biting him, but suddenly out of nowhere, the boy’s loyal family cat springs …

Cat Sits On Hedgehog
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Cat Sits On Hedgehog, Quickly Learns Lesson

‘Curiosity killed the cat’ goes the old saying, but in this case curiosity poked the cat. After attempting to prod and poke hog, Cat tried sitting down on the prickly needle puff, and quickly learned to keep a safe distance.

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Cat Pops Water Balloons

After prepping a bowl of water balloons for some summer fun, the human came home to discover their munchkin cat investigating the bowl of colorful balloons. Naturally, the cat was shocked after popping a few, and, like any good kitty, quickly grew bored of the new stimulus. Watch this below..

Sweet Dog Befriends Disabled Kitten1

Sweet Dog Befriends Disabled Kitten

This amazing animal friendship was submitted to us kindly by the Creatura animal channel and features an adorable clip of ‘Ralphee’ the kitten and ‘Max’ the cattle dog, an odd couple who seem besotted with each other’s company who became friends following Ralphee’s rescue from a barn at a horse stable. Ralphee the kitten’s condition …

Latest Funny Animal Vine Compilation from Cute Paws TV2
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Latest Funny Animal Vine Compilation from Cute Paws TV!

I’m starting to get addicted to the funny animal vines from Cute Paws TV! Here’s their latest funny animals compilation. I think the boston terrier on the auto vacuum was my favourite, but the Whitney Houston baby sloth had me in tears as well!! Watch this and tell us below which one had …

New Hilarious Cute Animal Vine Compilation - Cute Paws TV
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New Cute n Funny Animal Vine Compilation!!

OMG this funny animal vine compilation is HILARIOUS!!! I couldn’t decide which was my favourite! The dog with the garden hose maybe…The pandas…or maybe the jumping cat… Watch this and tell us below which one had you in tears! Thanks Cute Paws TV, you made our day!!