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20 Cute Animals With their Little One’s

Baby animals are definitely cute but when they are hanging out with their parent(s) they complete the photo and look more cute.

Scooter Dog
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‘Norman’ the Scooter Dog Sets New World Record!

Skillful bike-riding dog Norman has set a new world record for traveling unaided by Scooter. Watch this video below.

Lion, Tiger & Bulldog Buddies- Cute Animal Babies
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Video: Cute & Unlikely Friends – A Baby Tiger, A Lion and Bulldog Buddies

See how a stubborn English bulldog called ‘Hugo’ has found true love raising a lion cub and tiger cub as his own pups! These cute and unlikely friends — a baby tiger, a baby lion and a bulldog are truly best buddies! Watch as two-year-old Hugo eats, sleeps and even disciplines …

Maizy The World Smallest Dog
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Is This The Smallest Dog In The World?

WARNING: This video could kill you with cuteness! Play it at your own risk! Watch this cute video below and tell us, on a cuteness level of 1-1000, how would you rate this little puppy?

Cat Beats Up Dog
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Boxing Cat Beats Up Dog For Touching Him

This boxing cat is a prize fighter and teaches dog not to touch him in places he don’t like! Watch this video below.

Cholli, the German Shepherd foster mom 1
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German Shepherd Foster Mom Raises Cougar Cubs in Russian Zoo

If you could do with a smile today, then here is a cool story about a rare pooch that adopted some cute little cougar cubs. Meet Cholli, a German shepherd with a mothers heart. If raising 5 puppies of her own wasn’t enough, she has become foster mom to three little …