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Funny Video: Dog Imitates Baby

It eventually turns into a competition about who can be the louder one! How cute is that? Watch this cute video below.

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Cute Pocket Size Pups Play in Tall Grass

Watch these three adorable chihuahua puppies as they find adventures in the unlikeliest places and get up to all kinds of antics! We must warn you though, that this video has an EXTREME cuteness content warning! Watch the video below.

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Heartwarming: Abandoned Blind Puppy Was Given the Gift of Sight

This puppy was found, blind and abandoned. Watch this amazing video below.

New Snow Leopard Cubs Make Public Debut in NY Zoo
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New Snow Leopard Cubs Make Public Debut in NY Zoo

The Bronx Zoo in New York City reveals its newest resident – an adorable snow leopard cub. (Featured photo via Makenna O’Meary) The cub is the first son of an orphaned snow leopard from Pakistan and named Leo, he was brought into the zoo after his mother and siblings were …

Scooter Dog
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‘Norman’ the Scooter Dog Sets New World Record!

Skillful bike-riding dog Norman has set a new world record for traveling unaided by Scooter. Watch this video below.

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Bird Whisperer: Exotic Bird Trainer

Bird whisperer Josh Cook doesn’t worry when his pet parrot flies away – because he has trained her to always come back. Josh professionally trains birds for a living including birds that appear in movies & believes that even pet birds should be able to be set free. And we …