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26 Foods That Could KILL Your Pets!

Though we all love our pets, and every responsible pet owner (to his or her best knowledge), tries to care and give their loved ones the best in every way – especially when choosing food and treats! But unfortunately, even the most well intentioned pet owners can give certain foods not knowing that some …

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Facebook Ban Petition Launched Against US Cheerleader With A Habit For Hunting Endangered Animals

19 year old teenager Kendall Jones has caused public outrage after setting up a Facebook fan page showcasing pictures of her posing with a collection of recently shot endangered animals. Titled Kendall Takes Wild, the page currently has over 12,000 followers and has stirred up quite a controversy in the …

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10 Animals That May Go Extinct In The Next Few Years

It’s ironic and sad. The more rare and endangered an animal is, the more it becomes a target for poachers looking to make a quick buck. All Time 10′s covers 10 rare animals of today that may very well go extinct in the next few years if nothing changes.

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Bison Fleeing Yellowstone Amid Fears Quake Could Trigger Park’s Super-volcano Eruption

Do they know something we don’t? Reports of animals fleeing Yellowstone has sparked concerns that the park’s super volcano may be set to blow. On March 30, Yellowstone National Park was hit by 4.8 magnitude earthquake, this quack was the largest in the park since 1980 and it has prompted …

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Homeless Dogs Now Have “Sharity” – A New Concept Raising Money For Dogs In Need

In recent times, the growing ‘slacktivism’ trend has posed a real problem for charities – many people feel that by sharing a link, liking a post, or signing an online petition, their digital actions alone will change the world. The reality is, however, that often these actions have no real …

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The Manatees Are Dying And No One Knows Why

The residents of Crystal Rivers, Florida are proud of their manatee neighbors in the sea. But 2013 was a dark year for the playful creatures as over 800 dead manatees have been recorded. The larger problem, explains National Geographic, is that scientists aren’t sure what’s killing them.

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Midway: A Love Story Of Our Time From Heart Of Pacific

Using spare narration and stunning imagery, Chris Jordan’s film explores the plight of Laysan albatross plagued by the ingestion of our plastic trash.

FEARLESS - Amazing Underwater Footage of A Woman Named Ocean and A Shark
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Shark Riders – A Different Perspective

Shark Riders – The Director’s Cut dives deeper into the world of a bird and a fish. Follow two unique and FEARLESS people – Roberta Mancino and Mark Healey as they share a unique and beautiful insight into an amazing world that most people on Earth fear. Perhaps this video will …

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Heartwarming: Abandoned Blind Puppy Was Given the Gift of Sight

This puppy was found, blind and abandoned. Watch this amazing video below.

New Snow Leopard Cubs Make Public Debut in NY Zoo
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New Snow Leopard Cubs Make Public Debut in NY Zoo

The Bronx Zoo in New York City reveals its newest resident – an adorable snow leopard cub. (Featured photo via Makenna O’Meary) The cub is the first son of an orphaned snow leopard from Pakistan and named Leo, he was brought into the zoo after his mother and siblings were …

Photograph by Norbert Rosing
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Close-up Footage Of An Adorable Baby Harp Seal

It both staggers and infuriates me that these adorable baby animals are still hunted for their fur! But sadly baby Harp seals are famous for their snowy white coats & this fluffy fur comes highly valued and has brought many hunters to the Newfoundland breeding grounds for two centuries. Over …

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Dolphin Death Rise to 300 in U.S. Cause Still a Mystery

Almost 300 of these beautiful marine mammals have sadly died along the East Coast of the US as of August 20, according to the federal government