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12 Wonderful Dog Photos By Australian Photographer, Erin McNulty

Erin McNulty is from Melbourne, Australia and she is a professional pet photographer. She is a girl who always stops to meet a new dog on her walk, and who will cuddle the cat at the party instead of socializing. She believe that pets are people too, and that there …

dolphin dog kiss

‘DOLPHINS’ and Dogs Clip Captures Amazing Display Of Animal Affection

Do you believe that feelings of love, kindness and affection aren’t just limited to humans? If so, this video of an amazing moment between a wild dolphin and a domestic dog is an absolute must watch!

Kendall 2
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Facebook Ban Petition Launched Against US Cheerleader With A Habit For Hunting Endangered Animals

19 year old teenager Kendall Jones has caused public outrage after setting up a Facebook fan page showcasing pictures of her posing with a collection of recently shot endangered animals. Titled Kendall Takes Wild, the page currently has over 12,000 followers and has stirred up quite a controversy in the …

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The Truth About Fukushima – Shocking Video Making Waves Across The Globe

Majestic marine animals such as whales could be at serious risk. We’re sure you all remember that fateful day in 2011 when an oceanic earthquake triggered a tsunami that swept its way across the Japanese coastline, leaving almost 16,000 people dead. As well as the horrific death toll, the natural …

6 Week Old Cheetah Meets His Lifelong Puppy Companion

6 Week Old Baby Cheetah Meets His Lifelong Puppy Companion

Meet ‘Ruuxa’, a super-cute baby cheetah cub only 6 weeks old – and his new lifelong companion – an adorable 7-week-old Rhodesian ridgeback puppy named ‘Raina’. These two cuties have been spending lots of time together at the Safari park in an effort to create a very special bond that will help …

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Norwegian Photographer Captures Amazing Real Life ‘Fox And Hound’ Friendship

Tinni and Sniffer prove that animals can have best friends too! Photo credit: Torgeir Berge If you’re a lifelong Disney fan, you’re going to love this heart-warming real life “Fox and Hound” story! It all started when Scandinavian photographer Torgeir Berge and his canine companion Tinni set out one day to …

Tiger Sharks
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Tigress Shark – Woman Dances With Tiger Sharks

Hannah Fraser is an underwater model, you don’t believe it? She is actually a model and this job does exists. Hannah decided to create an underwater dance to show the beauty of these amazing animals, after action was taken against Tiger sharks by West Australian government. See these amazing creatures …

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Shaun Ellis aka The Wolf Man Teaches A Baby Wolf How To Howl

OMG! That is the most adorable little wolf pup! Awesome Englishman Shaun Ellis (aka “the Wolf Man”) guides this adorable tree week old, black wolf pup through his first lesson at howling. Ellis has spent a lot of time living among wolves and has helped abandoned wolf cubs literally learn …

Cute Liliger Cubs
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World’s First Male Lion & Liger Hybrid Born In The USA

A private zoo in Oklahoma celebrated the birth of what they call the world’s FIRST male liliger cub. A liliger is the offspring of a male lion and a ligress. The adorable cub and his little sister make up America’s second litter of the rare hybrid animal. Watch these cute …

red pandas
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Baby Red Pandas Play In Snow

There is nothing like watching baby animals playing around, and If they are baby pandas they definitely increase the level of cuteness.. Watch as these cute baby pandas play around, climb on the trees, run and dig holes in the snow. They seem be having real fun. Share this cuteness!

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Adorable Video: Kitten Tries To Wake His Sleeping Friend

This bored can’t take it any more and he has decided to wake up his sleeping friend. You can see that he is trying every possible method to wake up his buddy, but all his tries seem to be not working for him. After all this tiring activity this kitten …

Cockatoo meets an Imposter
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Cockatoo Meets An Imposter

These wild birds are pretty interested in their replacement! First they approach cautiously, but after realizing this bird isn’t going to fight back, they go straight for his eyes! I’m not sure if I should consider this cute, or be a little freaked out by it! Maybe his eyes reminded …