Lion Intimidating Crocodile Video
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Lion Showing A Crocodile Who’s Boss

A quick, yet amazing glimpse inside the animal kingdom showing that the king really is the king! Watch this amazing video below.

Amazing Wildlife Videos

A 3 Year Old Boy Fell 18 Feet Into The Enclosure, But What The Gorilla Did Shocked Everyone

Binti is best known for an incident which occurred on August 16, 1996, when she was eight years old. When a three-year old boy climbed the wall around her zoo enclosure and fell 18 feet onto concrete below, rendering him unconscious with a broken hand and a vicious gash on the side of his face, Binti walked to the boy’s side while helpless spectators screamed, certain the gorilla would harm the child. Another larger female gorilla approached, and Binti growled and defended the small child.

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