Marine Animals

Huge Humpback Whale Smacks Diver Cameraman

While recording whales off the east coast of South Africa, professional underwater cameraman had a serious close call. Suddenly, one humpback started darting right for him! Luckily, he managed to only get shoved to the side when the whale smacked him and the camera. Watch it below!

Funny Animals

Flock Of Ducks Invade CVS

A flock of ducks somehow found their way into the popular drugstore chain, and invaded. A pharmacist can be seen attempted to herd the ducks out of the store with a Swiffer in the short video while onlookers naturally tape the bizarre incident with the smartphones. See below..

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Raccoon Eating Grapes Will Inspire You To Eat More Fresh Fruit

The clip features a friendly raccoon dinner guest enjoying a bunch of grapes like a kid ravaging their Halloween candy. Watch this adorable video below..

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Rock Climbing Bears Will Shock You

Who knew bears could rock climb? Stephanie Latimer was kayaking when she spotted a mama bear and her baby bear climbing a steep rock wall. Mama didn’t have much difficulty ascending the wall, but her baby struggled. Stephanie understandably watched in suspense as the little guy toiled to get up, …


Cougar Man: Living With A Mountain Lion

What’s better than a guard dog to keep the home safe? How about a real mountain lion? Mario Infanti feels very safe at home with his fully grown cougar. He adopted the big cat when she was just a kitten and bottle fed Sasha for months. Barcroft TV reports that …

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Hand Feeding & Playing With A Friendly Platypus

Move aside cats, kittens, and puppies, there’s a new adorable creature charming viewers online, and it’s not a pet or even a ubiquitous animal. Watch it below!

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Rescued Seals Released Back Into The Wild

Who doesn’t love cute seals? The web sure loves ‘em. The Animal Planet posted this short video from their North Woods Law reality show of Warden Rick LaFlamme helping release a group of rescued seals back into the wild.


Camper Finds Adorable Surprise In Camp Shower

This video was uploaded by Aussie Stephen Paice on youtube, Aussie went camping and was about to hit the campsite showers when he found a big surprise. Thankfully, it was a cuddly and cute surprise instead of a terrifying and poisonous Australian surprise. Looks like a opossum.

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Determined Mouse Tries To Carry Cookie Over Ledge

The clip was appropriately titled Мышь vs. Печенька, or Mouse vs. Cookie, as a cute little mouse had found a nice, large biscuit as big as itself, and was determined to carry it over a ledge to its den. Will it succeed? The suspense is nerve racking.

Cute Animal VideosMarine Animals

Cute Seal Loves Getting Belly Rub

Seals really are water-dogs. Scuba diver Jason Neilus experienced how similar seals are to Man’s best friend when he went diving by the Ferne Islands in the United Kingdom. The curious seals his diving group stumbled upon seemed to act just like dogs would, curiously smelling the divers in a …

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Rare Zebra-Donkey ‘Zonkey’ Baby Born In Mexico

Have you ever heard of a ‘Zonkey?’ It’s exactly what it sounds like. A hybrid between a zebra and a donkey. It is an extremely rare animal, but Euro News reports that a baby Zonkey was just born naturally in Mexico at a zoo in the northern state of Tamaulipas. …

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Dog Helps A Dad With Alzheimer’s Finds His Voice Again

If you’ve ever had a family member with Alzheimer’s, then you know how tough it can be on a family. But this relationship between Lisa Abeyta’s father and her dog is really heartwarming as Lisa’s dad, who has almost lost ALL of his speech, gets it back when he’s around …