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Man Immerses Himself In Pit Of Over 75,000 Snakes. If You’re Scared Of Snakes Don’t Watch This!

If you’re scared of snakes, you don’t want to be anywhere near Manitoba, Canada. The Narcisse Snake Dens are famous as being the largest gathering of slippery reptiles on the planet, the limestone caves a mecca for masses of red-sided garter snakes on the search for mates. While navigating your …

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Determined Mouse Tries To Carry Cookie Over Ledge

The clip was appropriately titled Мышь vs. Печенька, or Mouse vs. Cookie, as a cute little mouse had found a nice, large biscuit as big as itself, and was determined to carry it over a ledge to its den. Will it succeed? The suspense is nerve racking.

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Beetle Stuck In Infinite Loop As It Walks On Small Speck

This beetle is either working out, or stuck in an infinite loop. As it lies on its back, the little bug tries to walk on a small speck, but only spins the crumb round and round. The uploader of this video on Youtube claims he saw the bug doing “this …

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The Incredible Physics of Ants

Ants are truly amazing creatures. The tiny bugs may seem simple enough, but when researchers ‘pour’ fire ants from a funnel, the mass of insects act as a liquid. But when scientists softly smash a ball of ants, the mass spring back as if a solid like rubber.

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Hilarious! Iguana LOVES Dog Pit Bull Sharky.

All Mother’s who need babysitter – CALL Pit Bull ‘SHARKY’ ;) It’s only been few days when they met, but pit bull Sharky already loves this funny Iguana and the lizard loves Sharky! Check out this unusual friendship below.

Snake Eats Crocodile Snake Vs Crocodile
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Amazing Video: Snake Eats Crocodile After Epic 5 Hour Battle‏!

A SNAKE fought, wrestled and then ate a crocodile whole following a dramatic five-hour long battle. The incident was captured on camera by author Tiffany Corlis at Lake Moondarra in Queensland, Australia. The snake – thought to be python measuring around 10ft – constricted the croc to death, before dragging …

Black swallowtail caterpillars
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15 Amazingly Deceptive Caterpillars

Those tiny, cute caterpillars you see crawling around your garden look so innocent, don’t they? With their extraordinary methods of camouflage, defense and escape these caterpillars are actually masters of deception. See these amazing deceptive caterpillars below!

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World’s Biggest Ant – Bullet Ant

Deep in the Panama jungle, a nervous Steve Backshall bravely allows a fearsome bullet ant to crawl over his hand. Watch this amazing video below.

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Cannibal Scorpions vs. Shrew

When two scorpions clash, the winner cannibalizes the loser. But before it has time to finish its meal, the surviving scorpion becomes the target of a hungry shrew. Watch this video below

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Red-Tailed Hawk vs. Rattler

To beat—and eat—a venomous rattlesnake, this red-tailed hawk uses a clever strategy. It tries to make the snake strike at its wing feathers, so the snake’s head is exposed. Watch this amazing video below.

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10 Amazing Close Up Shots by Savas Sener

Savas Sener is from Mersin, Turkey. He graduated from Mersin University and photography is one of his hobbies. He is has captured some wonderful and amazing close up shots.

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Video Reveals Surprising Humpback Feeding Behavior

Humpback whales are known for their unique feeding behavior—called bubble-netting—at the water’s surface. But researchers noticed the whales also spent a lot of time on the bottom. Watch this amazing video below.