Meet Frank and Louie, A Cat With Two Faces1
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Yes, This Cat Has Two Heads And They Are Awesome!

Meet Frank and Louie, a cat with two faces! He’s not two conjoined twins, he is a single cat with two faces. The condition is called “Diprosopus” and Frank and Louie is the oldest known surviving cat who suffers from it. According to The Star,  Frank and Louie does not …

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Norwegian Photographer Captures Amazing Real Life ‘Fox And Hound’ Friendship

Tinni and Sniffer prove that animals can have best friends too! Photo credit: Torgeir Berge If you’re a lifelong Disney fan, you’re going to love this heart-warming real life “Fox and Hound” story! It all started when Scandinavian photographer Torgeir Berge and his canine companion Tinni set out one day to …

Amazing Kangaroo and Rottweiler's Unlikely Friendship
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Amazing Kangaroo and Rottweiler’s Unlikely Friendship

We love hearing about bizarre and unlikely animal friendships because they help us understand that there’s a whole lot more to these beloved creatures we share this Earth with. That’s why we were delighted to hear about this Western Australian odd couple — a kangaroo called ‘Blue’ and a rottweiler …

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Kevin Richardson Playing Football With Wild Lions

South African zookeeper Kevin Richardson has been working with wild lions for nearly his entire life. He feeds them, hugs them, and even sleeps with them. But he has taken things to the next level. To bring attention football, with a pride of wild lions. Watch this amazing video below.

Dog Helps A Dad With Alzheimer’s Finds His Voice Again
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Dog Helps A Dad With Alzheimer’s Finds His Voice Again

If you’ve ever had a family member with Alzheimer’s, then you know how tough it can be on a family. But this relationship between Lisa Abeyta’s father and her dog is really heartwarming as Lisa’s dad, who has almost lost ALL of his speech, gets it back when he’s around …

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This Girl Snatched the Fin of A Great White Shark. What Happens Next Shocked Me.

Ocean Ramsey, also known as the “Shark Whisperer,” grew up sharing the waters with her fellow shark friends. As a professional scuba instructor, swimmer, and diver, she has successfully swum with up to 32 different shark species.

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Beetle Stuck In Infinite Loop As It Walks On Small Speck

This beetle is either working out, or stuck in an infinite loop. As it lies on its back, the little bug tries to walk on a small speck, but only spins the crumb round and round. The uploader of this video on Youtube claims he saw the bug doing “this …

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A Tiny Hamster Inhale 5 Baby Carrots In A Matter Of Seconds

Baby carrots may be fraud, but this little hamster is genuine about his love for them. See this tiny Hamster below!

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Bees Use Plastic to Build Nests

Urban bees have begun to take advantage of all the plastic waste found in their environment. They are now recycling plastic bags and plastic sealants for use in their nests.

Slow Motion Video Reveals Something You Never Knew About Your Dog
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Slow Motion Video Reveals Something You Never Knew About Your Dog

Dogs may not be the most elegant drinkers when looking at them with the naked eye. Water seems to end up on their ears, the floor, their cheeks and pretty much everywhere but in their mouths. But through the wonders of modern technology, looking at the same thing you see …

Krista Guriano, 9, posing for a picture holding an Ivory Ball Python at home in Warren, Michigan
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Meet 9 Year-Old Snake Handler Krista Guarino

LITTLE Krista Guarino is only nine years old — but she’s already proving an expert snake handler. The brave schoolgirl lives with a staggering 30 reptiles, including anacondas and a 12 ft python at her home in Michigan, America. She eats, sleeps and plays with the creatures — some of …

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World’s Biggest Spider: Giant Huntsman Spider

Worlds Largest Spider! The Giant huntsman spider is huge, but not deadly to humans. Biggest in the world, the Giant Huntsman Spider was discovered in 2001 in a Cave in Laos. Watch this amazing spider below!