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12 Awesome Wildlife Photos Proving Nature Is AWESOME

Incredible wildlife photography like these takes a steady hand and sharp eye, and perhaps just a bit of luck! Here are 12 incredibly mind-blowing moments when the camera and wildlife connect to produce and prove that nature is truly majestic! 1. Fast Food! 2. These Foxes Warming up.

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12 Wonderful Dog Photos By Australian Photographer, Erin McNulty

Erin McNulty is from Melbourne, Australia and she is a professional pet photographer. She is a girl who always stops to meet a new dog on her walk, and who will cuddle the cat at the party instead of socializing. She believe that pets are people too, and that there …

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Rock Climbing Bears Will Shock You

Who knew bears could rock climb? Stephanie Latimer was kayaking when she spotted a mama bear and her baby bear climbing a steep rock wall. Mama didn’t have much difficulty ascending the wall, but her baby struggled. Stephanie understandably watched in suspense as the little guy toiled to get up, …

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Underwater Photography: 12 Amazing Photos By Alexander Safonov

Alexander Safonov is  originally from Voronezh, Russia. He lived in eastern Asia since 1998, spending decade in Japan, few years in Hong Kong and currently residing in Singapore. His favorite photography style is wide angle, and favorite subject – marine life, close and personal.

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15 Remarkable Wildlife Photography Shots By Mark Bridger (Gallery)

Mark Bridger lives in England in the South East, a few miles from London. He is an enthusiastic amateur photographer who took up wildlife photography as a hobby around 5 years ago when his wife bought him hid first camera. His main interests in photography are nature, which can be anything …

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Adorable Animal Odd Couples

If these unlikely inter-species buddies can make it work, there’s hope for us all. See these adorable couples below. Hope you would like them!

Head above Water
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15 Spectacular Wildlife Photos By Brendon Cremer

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Brendon spent most of his childhood in the outdoors, nature already had a big place in his heart and life.

man tries to hug a lion
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Man Tries To Hug Wild Lion

Kevin Richardson is a South African Zoologist and he has done extensive research on the native animals of the African plains. Watch this amazing video below.

Stunning Eagle by Christian Sasse
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Majestic Eagle by Christian Sasse

This stunning & majestic Eagle is one of our favourite recent captures by our amazing featured photographer Christian Sasse. [recent_projects title_labels=”true” category=”all”]

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Crybaby Seal Fusses Over Going Into The Water, But We Understand

Come on baby, you can do it!This fussy seal pup was recently weaned by its mother, and is on its own to learn how to swim and survive in the wild.

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Big Cats: 10 Stunning Photos by Yves Bergeron

Yves Bergeron is from St-Félicien, Quebec. Yves is a photography enthusiast and he loves to share his photos to show us new things and make us discover his favorite pastimes!

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7 Amazing Pics of Animals Helping Other Animals

These true stories of inter-species love where these animals are helping each other will brighten up your day and encourage you to help others when they need some help. We hope you will like these amazing pics! This Panda Helping His Sister Up! I’ll Help You Get That Darned Lid Off! No …