Best Animal Photos from the Year
Amazing Wildlife PhotographyRare and EndangeredWILD ANIMALS

10 Amazing Examples of Animal Photography

Spotting a rare white humpback whale. Coming face to face with lions. Hanging out with albatross on the most remote atoll in the world.

Amazing Wildlife PhotographyRare and EndangeredWILD ANIMALS

Black Animals: 10 Stunning Shots

These are the rare photos of animals that were not supposed to be all black but the pigment mutation made them what they are. We must admit that it is very beautiful to see so amazing and unusual animals.

Albino Gorilla
Amazing Wildlife PhotographyRare and EndangeredWILD ANIMALS

15 Amazing Albino Animals

Given the millions of different shades of color that we see in nature, it’s no wonder that, once in a while, nature might simply run out of paint. Perhaps this is why pure-white animals leave such a strong impression on us.

A little smile please !
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Squirrel’s Caught In Different Acts: 10 Cute Photos by Andre Villeneuve

Andre Villeneuve is Canada based photographer.  Andre is an intuitive and spontaneous person, tries to convey emotions through his photographs.

Honduran Milksnake / Photo: Doug Mong
Amazing Wildlife PhotographyRare and EndangeredWILD ANIMALS

10 Most Beautiful Snakes on Earth

Whether you shudder at snakes or you like them, their beauty cannot be denied.  The snake above is named Honduran Milksnake. It is sad most of these species are in danger because of multiple reasons.

A close up photo of a lama's eye. (
Amazing Wildlife PhotographyFeatured Photographers

12 Stunning Images of Animal Eyes

Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan specializes in macro photography, a way of producing extremely close-up images in which the size of the subject is larger than life.

I’ll never talk to you again
Amazing Wildlife PhotographyBig CatsWILD ANIMALS

Animal Photography: Stunning Moments Captured in Right Time

You have seen many animals’ photographs around in magazines and internet. Wildlife Picture is always captured dramatic impressions among photographers.

Amazing Wildlife PhotographyMarine AnimalsWILD ANIMALS

Animals Congregating: 12 Amazing Photos

As we are fans of wildlife photography in general, there’s quite like seeing hundreds, thousands and even millions of animals congregating like this. Here are the some amazing animals congregating captured by professional photographers.

Amazing Wildlife PhotographyWILD ANIMALS

Polar Bears: 10 Amazing Shots by Siddhardha Garige

Siddhardha Garige is a nature photographer from Sunrise, Florida. Engineer by profession and nature photographer by passion. In 2005 he found his new interest in wildlife photography and acquired telephoto lenses.

Amazing Wildlife PhotographyWILD ANIMALS

Wildlife: 12 Amazing Animal Shots

Sometimes it is good to be reminded of the fact we are not alone on this planet. We have collected some different animals phot0s, these photos have been taken by professional photographers. We hope that you will enjoy these amazing animal photos.

'Lion Fish' - A lion fish with schooling glassfish in the Red Sea, Egypt Photograph: Amir Stern/Barcroft Media
Amazing Sea PhotographyAmazing Wildlife PhotographyMarine Animals

Underwater Photography: 18 Amazing Shots

Underwater photography is probably once of the most challenging task, and requires specialized equipments and skills. We have collected 18 amazing underwater photography shots and these photos have been taken professionals.

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High Speed Captures: 12 Amazing Animal Photos by Scott Linstead

These amazing animal photo have been  taken by Scott Linstead. Looking at them you get the impression that the animals were frozen in time.