Colorado Couple Create Canine Bucket List For Terminally Ill Dog

  • From the moment Judy Jaros set eyes upon Marsha the abandoned American bulldog mix, she was instantly in love. As a volunteer dog walker at the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley, Jaros had always loved animals however considered herself more of a cat person. That is until Marsha came along!

    It was love at first sight for Judy Jaros!


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    While the abused pooch arrived at the local shelter with a handful of infections, a broken toe and a bullet in her elbow, Judy and her husband were determined to adopt the dog and give her a new life. It was a six month recovery process but one that was definitely worth it according to the Judy and her husband!

    Marsha stole Judy’s heart from the moment she arrived at the shelter!


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    “I just fell in love with her, my husband, too. So we adopted her,” said Jaros.

    A family happy snap seals the adoption deal!


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    The playful pup had well and truly stolen their hearts! However, things took a heartbreaking turn for the worst when the day Marsha was due to be taken back to her forever home, Jaros found out she had stage three skin cancer.

    But instead of calling it quits on the adoption, the kind hearted couple were determined to make every day count.

    “We’re just giving her one fun day after another” said Jaros. “Her prognosis isn’t good, but we just decided she doesn’t have an expiration date.”

    Marsha’s been on countless adventures, including trips to play in snowy fields!


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    Every day Marsha ticks something off her ‘canine bucket list’ and fills her owners’ hearts with fun and happiness.

    “We’ve taken her camping, fishing. She loves to play in tall grass,” said Judy Jaros, Marsha’s loving owner. “We just decided we’re gonna hike and camp. We go fly fishing. … The only trick with that is every time my husband casts the fly she thinks my husband is throwing a ball so she goes trying to run in the river!”

    Marsha tries her hand a a little fly fishing…


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    “She had a really hard life. She deserves a chance,” explains Jaros. “And yeah, it might break the bank, but it’s money. Whatever. She’s brought us more joy, she’s just priceless to us, so it was worth it.”

    All those adventures can really tire a pooch out!


    Image credit: USA Today

    Thanks to USA Today for picking up this heart warming story!

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