‘DOLPHINS’ and Dogs Clip Captures Amazing Display Of Animal Affection

  • Do you believe that feelings of love, kindness and affection aren’t just limited to humans? If so, this video of an amazing moment between a wild dolphin and a domestic dog is an absolute must watch!

    Taken from the Academy Award nominated IMAX production DOLPHINS, this is just one of the magical moments that the MacGillivray Freeman Films team managed to capture. As founders of the One World One Ocean Campaign, the production company is dedicated to using the wide-reaching power of film, television and modern media to raise awareness of ocean degradation and encourage the public to do everything in their power to protect the world’s oceans and the marine life that calls them home.

    This video really captures the amazingly sweet temperament of dolphins and serves as further proof that as humans, we should be making a conscious effort to conserve their natural habitat.

    Want to see more incredible animal footage? Check out the official One World One Ocean Campaign site here!

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