Five Football Dogs That Just Want To Join In!

  • The World Cup kicked off earlier this month and while the star studded international teams have had the world captivated, these hilarious ‘dog meets football pitch’ moments even give World Cup poster boys such as Neymar and Messi a run for their money! Thanks to the video gurus at YouTube, we’ve compiled a selection of our favourite mischievous mutts that decided the in-match action wasn’t quite exciting enough…

    1. Turkish Labs invade Galatasaray game

    We’re not sure where they came from but this pair of Labradors had no reservations about interrupting a Galatasaray match being played in Turkey. Luckily the players saw the funny side of things and welcomed their furry new players with open arms!

    2. Police pup can’t resist a moving ball

    While they’re generally there to deter any action, this playful police dog was all about working on its fetch skills!

    3. Turds and tournaments…

    There’s nothing quite as cringe worthy as a pooch taking a poop on a football field. It’s bad enough in a public park, but this self assured canine went all out when he did his business in a football arena during a match between Argentinian teams River Plate and Rosario Central. Rousing cheers from the crowd, this video is an absolute classic!

    4. Tackles aren’t just for humans!


    Bolivia supporters didn’t know what to think when this pack of cheeky canines managed to find their way onto the football pitch. Thankfully, the players were in good spirits and one of them even gets into a playful brawl with one of the friendly fur balls.

    5. World Cup pup gets the red card

    If you thought those were bad, check out this canine invasion from the 1962 World Cup. In a quarterfinal between Brazil and England, a pint sized pup decided to get in on the action, much to the delight of the crowd! English striker Jimmy Greaves famously coaxed the pooch off the pitch and it’s rumoured that as well as taking a little tinkle on his jersey, the pup was also adopted by Brazilian opponent, Manuel Francisco dos Santos, aka. Garrincha. This pup has no idea how famous he is!

    Do you think we’ll see any football dog invasions this World Cup?

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