This Football Loving Golden Retriever Can’t Curb His Excitement!

  • There’s nothing quite as adorable as watching a dog get incredibly excited whenever they hear words that mean a good time is on the cards. Whether it’s ‘walkies,’ ‘park,’ ‘beach’ or ‘car,’ our clever canines are pretty onto it when it comes to feel good fun!

    But have you ever seen a dog react to the word ‘football’?

    Up until now, we hadn’t either…

    That’s until we saw this video posted on YouTube by avid football fan, Bearaids. Apparently his football loving pup also has a passion for the USA’s favourite sport!

    George the Golden Retriever just loves to watch the action unfold and goes absolutely nuts when his owner mentions the word ‘football.’

    His excitement isn’t curbed when kick off begins, with George the football loving dog jumping around with anticipation, pawing the screen and even being warned not to break the TV!

    We wonder if George is getting this excited over all the World Cup matches that are on at the moment?

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