Guilty Dog Apologises To Baby For Stealing Her Toy!

  • In typical playful pooch fashion, Charlie the beagle just couldn’t help himself from pinching a toy rattle from the hands of baby Laura. As expected, the bub burst into tears of distress as the disappearance of her toy. In a move that outdoes the sympathy of most human children, Charlie immediately realised he was in the dog house and set out to make it up to his beloved baby.

    First up was his favourite ball, neatly placed in baby Laura’s rocker. But that wasn’t enough to quash his guilty canine conscience…

    Charlie begins to trawl the room for potential playthings, showering Laura with anything he can wrap his teeth or paws around. Soon, baby Laura is covered in peace offerings of all shapes and sizes!

    Posted by Charlies owner, the adorable antics immediately became a YouTube sensation.

    Watch the full video below!

    Thanks to CharlieDaDog for sharing this super cute display of animal affection!

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