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Homeless, Lonely Old Dog Has His Dying Wish Come True – To Be Loved

  • Here is a story that is bothe heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time and has helped restore my faith in human kindness. ‘Ol’ Boy’ was a homeless dog, never having known the love of a family having lived his entire life on the streets with none to care for him. Surviving on used, unclean air conditioner water and the scrap food that shopkeepers gave him, his poor body was found riddled with over 100 ticks and he was well on the verge of death. But thanks to a few kind hearted souls, Ol’ Boy was able to spend his last time here on Earth, feeling loved and cared for.

    So we present you with Ol Boy’s story – A lonely old dog who was kindly rescued during the last few days of his life and shown love by some guardian angels. Watch below and share if this has restored your faith in human kindness!

    How did you feel when you watched this? Have you ever rescued an animal? Tell us in the comments below and share Ol’ Boy’s story if it touched your heart.

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