Should You Let Your Puppy Share Your Sheets?

  • Let’s face it, the adorable charms of puppies can sometimes render us completely weak at the knees. Whether it’s slipping your pup a sneaky slice of chicken or letting it get away with tearing up your favourite pair of shoes, puppy love is hard to resist! But what about when your new furry new family member tries to crawl into bed with you? There’s nothing quite as sweet as a puppy snuggle session but should we be letting this happen? Let’s take a look…

    Beauty sleep

    First of all, is the puppy’s presence going to affect the quality of your sleep. Many scientific studies have shown that pets in the bedroom can lead to interrupted sleep and increased tiredness during the day. Puppies are especially prone to being active throughout the night so if you need your beauty sleep, it’s probably best to keep your pooch outside. People suffering from allergies should also keep their rooms free of pets and puppies!

    Future habits

    Habits learnt young are hard to quash so if you don’t want your dog sleeping in your bed when it’s fully grown, don’t allow it to happen when it’s a puppy! Changing its training and sleeping patterns when it begins to mature is not fair on your pooch and can leave it feeling confused and rejected.

    Establishing an alpha

    One of the major arguments for keeping a dog off your bed is that it interferes with your position as pack leader. Your bed is one of the most comfortable places in the house and your puppy will undoubtedly know this! For some, letting their puppy share their sheets is detrimental to the instilling of training and obedience. That said, others are committed to integrating their puppy as a full member of the family and don’t see why it shouldn’t be allowed to roam the house as it pleases. If you want to compromise, try letting your pooch sleep at the foot of your bed or in its own personal doggy bed on the floor.

    puppy in bed sheets

    <h2>Is this a common occurrence in your household?</h2>

    Regardless of your morals and personal thoughts on the matter, rest assured that your puppy will be just fine sleeping in a separate room.

    In a Q&A session with the Huffington Post, Dr. Marty Becker of Vetstreet.com says “Your puppy will be just fine if he’s restricted to the ground floor of your house… take comfort in the fact that your dog will be happy and healthy and comfortable, even if he’s denied sleeping space on your bed.”

    Whatever path you choose to take, make sure you consider all of the above information and make a decision that both you and your puppy will be happy with for the duration of your time together!

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