Mass Beagle Rescue Underway in Tennessee

  • Breaking news from Bradley County, Tennessee where SPCA volunteers spent yesterday afternoon rescuing over 200 dogs from the midst of horrific breeding kennel conditions, many of which were Beagles. Volunteers manning the rescue mission reported scenes of five dogs crammed into one cage, with others forced to sleep in their own faeces.

    According to nearby residents wishing to remain anonymous, they suspected something dire was going on but had no idea just how bad the situation was.

    “We knew they bred dogs, and when they barked it didn’t seem like that many, but when we found out there where over 200 that was just astounding,” said a suspicious neighbour who was shocked at what was uncovered by the authorities.

    The rescued dogs ranged in ages, from helpless day old puppies to mothers that simply weren’t allowed to give their babies the love and attention they deserved.

    “The other little ones are in there and just looking at you and their little faces are just saying please help me,” said Karen Maxwell, one of several SPCA volunteers.

    While some of the dogs were rehoused to local rescue centres, others were barely hanging onto life and had to be immediately transported to the nearest animal hospital. The local pet placement centre has taken on almost 20 of the most seriously mistreated pups and hopes nurse them back to health.

    beagle puppy 2

    “We took the dogs we felt were the most critical, a lot of them have pretty significant mange and other infections” explains Charles Brown, employee at the centre. After they’ve made a full recovery, the centre will begin the steps towards finding them loving new homes.

    “All of the dogs were living in small kennels, haven’t seen affection. Just handling them tonight you can tell they’re scared and overwhelmed. These guys have suffered enough and we’re going to do all that we can to get them happy and healthy and get them some good homes” said an emotional Brown.

    In light of the huge numbers, the SPCA is quickly running out of bowls, crates and other necessities and is calling for help, donations and volunteers from the local community to help get these pups back on track.

    We tip our hats to the incredible volunteers at SPCA who work tirelessly to ensure that animal hoarding operations such as this are not allowed to continue.

    Thanks to local TN station WRCB TV for the coverage.

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