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Meet 9 Year-Old Snake Handler Krista Guarino

  • LITTLE Krista Guarino is only nine years old — but she’s already proving an expert snake handler. The brave schoolgirl lives with a staggering 30 reptiles, including anacondas and a 12 ft python at her home in Michigan, America. She eats, sleeps and plays with the creatures — some of which are twice her size. And she’s even been bitten a few times but none of the snakes are venomous – and courageous Krista says it doesn’t hurt. Krista, the eldest of three children, was first introduced to the animals by dad Jamie, 33, who is a snake specialist. And she held her first when she was just two years old. Despite her young age, she has already set her sights on opening her own reptile zoo when she’s older. And she’s determined to change perceptions about the misunderstood snake. Watch Krista handling snakes and anacondas below!

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