Pint Sized Pup Runs Circles Around Its Full Grown Canine Companions!

  • Ever heard of the terms “it’s always the quiet ones” or “the shy ones are always the worst?” For decades they’ve been used to describe the idea that sometimes people that look small and innocent can pack the biggest punch. Turns out the idea doesn’t just apply to humans!  Check out these super cute videos of Jess, Elmo, and Buster for unquestionable proof that these sayings refer to our furry friends as well!

    Aren’t Jess, Elmo and Buster cute? The adorable trio can’t wait to get a tasty treat for being such good pups…

    sneaky pup 1

    Luckily, they’ve been taught the art of patience…

    sneaky pup 2

    Wait for it…

    sneaky pup 3

    OK pups, go for it!

    sneaky pup 4

    Sorry Jess and Buster, guess someone forgot to mention it’s first in first served!  Or at least that’s what Elmo thinks!

     sneaky pup 5

    If you thought this was cute, check out the full video for a complete run down of Elmo’s mischievous antics! Jess and Buster got their treats in the end but it just goes to show, it always pays to watch out for pint sized pups!

    Many thanks to ViralNova for the heads up on this sneaky Chihuahua!

    Have you captured one of your pets pulling a sneaky move like Elmo? If so, we want to hear about it!

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