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Sweet Dog Cries For Joy After His Soldier Dads Return From Service

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    This is undoubtably one of the sweetest displays of affection by an animal I’ve seen. Upon his return from six months service, this soldier’s sweet dog’s display of emotion and love was easily enough to melt our hearts! I have to admit that I even became a bit emotional watching this, because this clearly shows that type of unconditional love and that can sometimes only be given by our amazing four legged furry friends! Watch this adorable video below and tell us how it made you feel in the comments below!

    Whether it’s the amazing animal story of Christian the Lion and his sweet reunion with his two carers, or Koko the gorilla crying at the loss of her pet kitten, there can be no doubt that animals are capable of experiencing intense emotions and sometimes we ought to take note and learn from the way they love!

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