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10 Animals That May Go Extinct In The Next Few Years

It’s ironic and sad. The more rare and endangered an animal is, the more it becomes a target for poachers looking to make a quick buck. All Time 10′s covers 10 rare animals of today that may very well go extinct in the next few years if nothing changes.

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Monkey Shares Food with Girl

A cute little monkey insists on sharing his food with a volunteer girl at the Senda Verde Animal Refuge in Bolivia.

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Video: Divers Unexpectedly Attacked By Shark

While Jason Dimitri and his diver buddies were Lion Fish Culling they encountered a Caribbean Reef Shark. “It scared the crap out of me,” he admits. Thankfully, Jason was armed with a spear in addition to his GoPro camera so he was able to defend himself from the beast. Watch …

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Black Bear Attempts Walking Across a Rope For A Bite Of This Tasty Beaver Treat

A black bear caught whiff of a piece of food set up by hunters on a rope extended between two trees. Incredibly, the bear climbed the tree, and then across the rope like an acrobat to get to the food. The amazed onlookers couldn’t help but laugh in astonishment. “Hang …

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10 Cute Animal Pictures On Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air and even the animal kingdom can’t keep their paws, flippers and beaks off each other.

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10 Animals You Have To Meet!

Baby pandas. Swimming tigers. A polar bear cub’s first steps. Do you know these aww-worthy animals quickly gaining celebrity status?

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12 Cute Animals To Help You Concentrate

It’s official: looking at pictures of cute animals is good for you – and your work.

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High Speed Captures: 12 Amazing Animal Photos by Scott Linstead

These amazing animal photo have been  taken by Scott Linstead. Looking at them you get the impression that the animals were frozen in time.

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Animal and Human Interaction: 10 Amazing Shots

Humans are keeping animals as pets from old ages. Animals and Humans have born relationship. People around the world posses the curiosity to know more about the unknown animal, some of the underwater creatures have still not been discovered.

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Animal Love: Beautiful and Heartwarming Photos

As we human like animals, if not all we like at least one of them. Similarly animals do have the same love and affection for other animals. Here are some beautiful photos of such love showing their love.

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New Batch: 10 Super Cute Baby Animals

Here are some new super cute baby  animals, though there is no end to cuteness since there are loads of pictures taken by some professional and amateurs photographer around the web.

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Cute Animals With Immense Love

Animals either wild or nor have emotions and they express it time to time, it’s a challenge for the photographer to captures such moments. You need a lot of patience to capture such photos.