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VIDEO: Bird Speaking Japanese Will Blow Your Mind

Many birds are renown for copying human speech. But for some reason, it kinda seems even more amazing that this bird can apparently ‘speak’ Japanese. Of course, it is just copying the humans around it as a bird in any English speaking country would. But watch this amazing bird and …

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Bird Lands On Cameraman’s Head

While the cameraman was recording a juvenile kestrel in his backyard, the majestic bird leaped from the fence onto his head, giving him the shot of a lifetime.

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Camera On Pelican Beak Records Mind Blowing Video

The staff of animal conservation Nomad Tanzania discovered a young pelican abandoned by its flock after a powerful storm and took him in. They named him Bigbird. Alone and young, the staff actually had to teach Bigbird how to fly by running up and down the beach flapping their arms. …

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Moonwalking Bird

The displays of these birds are so fast that there is no way human eye can see what they’re doing. But with high speed  Imaging the secret of their dance can finally be cracked. See this amazing Moonwalking bird video and let us know how do you like it?

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Meet the Underwater Torpedo Bird

Murres may be clumsy in the air, but these tiny arctic birds move like torpedoes underwater. Watch this video below.