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21 Best Animal Smiles To Make You Happy!

Is your face feeling a little on the long side? If so we’ve got the perfect post to cheer you up using adorable, animal therapy! We love happy animals here at Amazing Animal Stories and if you’re like most animal lovers, then I’m sure you’ll agree that happy animals are a …

Funny Video- Dogs Getting Scared Of Random Things
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Video Of Dogs Getting Super-Scared Of Random Objects Is Awesome!

Sometimes dogs get scared of everyday accessories, like vacuum cleaner, toy, cell phone or even remote control! Now I’m still trying to work out whether some of these clips are hilarious – or just downright nasty because these dogs are getting scared of the most random things! Here are some …

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These Dogs Who Just DON’T Want to Bath Will Make You CRY!

This is HILARIOUS!! These funny dogs will do ANYTHING to avoid getting a bath! Here’s a funny compilation about dogs and their bathing. I kind of can’t help feeling a little sorry for them, but their reactions are so priceless! Most of them are hating to get in the bath …

Awesome Smartest And Funny Dogs Video Compilation
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Awesome Smartest And Funny Dogs Video Compilation!

If you’re like most people who love Dogs (and any pet or animal lover for that matter), then you would no doubt spend a portion of time during your week browsing through funny animal videos on YouTube – whether it be at work during downtime, or on the weekend out of boredom. Well, …

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Amazing Video: Bird Feeds Dog Noodles

This cheeky Cockatoo help his four-legged friend get some sneaky treats that are all the way up on the kitchen bench and out of his reach! What a great friend helping out his buddy! Is this the most adorable example of teamwork ever?

funny animals eating weird
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Animals Can Be So Funny When They Eat! Hilarious Compilation

It’s almost the weekend so time to leave the troubles of the week behind and start smiling! And if you’re like most people with an internet connection, then you probably spend a little bit of time at least browsing through funny animal videos. Well, we’ve done some searching for you …

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Great Dane Puppy REALLY Doesn’t Want To Get Out Of Bed!!

This is hilarious and if you’re like most people, you could probably relate to this puppy!! Watch the tricks Thor’s owner has to use to get the sleepy puppy to get out of bed! Thor the Great Dane puppy and his dad, Ray Prevo have to wake up very early for work …

Funny Dog's And Babies - But Are These Kids Too Close copy
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Funny Dog’s And Babies – But Are These Kids Too Close?!!

This could be another adorably cute dogs and babies compilation – but there are moments in here which make me cringe as I can see a potentially dangerous situations here as well. Watch this video below and tell us what you see in the comments below. The 1.45 minute mark …

funny animal gifs
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21 Funny Animal Gifs To Make Your Day So Much Better

Get ready to laugh out loud! Here’s the latest round of funny animal gifs collected from around the internet by our legendary crew here at Amazing Animal Stories! Enjoy and make sure to share the laughs!!

is what happens when Engineers own dogs lol
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What Happens When Engineers Own Dogs!!

This is hilarious! This is what happens when engineers own dogs! Check out this cute little Jack Russell dog who can now keep himself entertained for hours thanks to this crafty invention of his engineering owner! Watch how he does it below and share if you smiled!

Hilarious Sneaky Dog Pushes Cat Into Bath! LOL youtube
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Hilarious Sneaky Dog Pushes Cat Into Bath! LOL

In the latest Cats Vs Dogs saga, it’s a win for the dogs! Check out what ‘Kai’, the hilarious Staffordshire terrier pup does to his feline family member, ‘Shadow’ when contending for a toy in the bathtub! Was it payback? Or maybe a chance to show whose boss…or was it just impatience? Probably …

funny naughty dogs
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21 Hilarious Naughty Dogs!

We are big Dog Lovers here at Animal Stories. And apart from being loyal, faithful companions and friends, they also happen to provide us with many moments of outstanding entertainment and laughs. Funnily enough, these funny moments can also be a result of their cheekiness (or naughtiness)! So we’ve collected …