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21 Best Animal Smiles To Make You Happy!

Is your face feeling a little on the long side? If so we’ve got the perfect post to cheer you up using adorable, animal therapy! We love happy animals here at Amazing Animal Stories and if you’re like most animal lovers, then I’m sure you’ll agree that happy animals are a …

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A Passer-by Thought This Dog Was A Pile Of Trash – A Shocking Transformation Story

Did you know that homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1? It’s not surprising to see an unwanted animal roaming the streets in even the smallest of towns. This is a heartbreaking reality we live with, but sometimes people find a way to help those dogs and cats in need. …


21 Funny Dogs Who Really Don’t Get It!

How is this collection of funny dogs who really just aren’t doing it right! Enjoy the laughs below and hit those share buttons to make the world smile!! Use the next page buttons below to navigate through the gallery…Enjoy! 1. This dog who was not aware of the costume party… 2. …

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21 Funny Cats & Dogs Who Don’t Understand Furniture!

While chairs, tables, hammocks and sofas may seem simple enough to use, our four legged friends may have a different opinion on the matter… We’re not sure what some of these hilarious pets are trying to achieve but whatever it is, they definitely made us laugh! Check out the gallery below …

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12 Wonderful Dog Photos By Australian Photographer, Erin McNulty

Erin McNulty is from Melbourne, Australia and she is a professional pet photographer. She is a girl who always stops to meet a new dog on her walk, and who will cuddle the cat at the party instead of socializing. She believe that pets are people too, and that there …

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12 Super Cute, Smaller Dog Breeds

If you’re looking for your next companion or a furry family member, then you may want to look at some of these smaller dog breeds. Not only are these 12 little pups cute and adorable, they’re all well known to be loyal and filled with love and affection for their …

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Norwegian Photographer Captures Amazing Real Life ‘Fox And Hound’ Friendship

Tinni and Sniffer prove that animals can have best friends too! Photo credit: Torgeir Berge If you’re a lifelong Disney fan, you’re going to love this heart-warming real life “Fox and Hound” story! It all started when Scandinavian photographer Torgeir Berge and his canine companion Tinni set out one day to …

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21 Hilarious Naughty Dogs!

We are big Dog Lovers here at Animal Stories. And apart from being loyal, faithful companions and friends, they also happen to provide us with many moments of outstanding entertainment and laughs. Funnily enough, these funny moments can also be a result of their cheekiness (or naughtiness)! So we’ve collected …

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13 Handfuls of Super-Cute Baby Animals!

Here’s a little gallery to brighten your day!! Check out these adorable, super-cute handfuls of the sweetest baby animals we could find from around the net! Some of then are so tiny!!

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The Best Animal Photobombs Of All Time

And while people have ruined thousands of photos over the years, it’s easy to forget that animals have also gotten on in the action. So here we present the funniest animal photobombs the internet has to offer. There’s a good chance that some of these are Photoshopped, but we don’t …