Tiny Dreamer - 3 Day Old Husky Puppy Will Melt Your Heart
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Tiny Dreamer – 3 Day Old Husky Puppy Will Melt Your Heart

Meet Ferarro, the little 3 day old tiny puppy dreamer. When I saw him, my heart literally melted and I had to share! Eyes not even opened yet, and too tired to play, how tiny and adorable is he! And how beautiful is his mommy as she watches over her …


Watch This Heartwarming Video Of A Baby Husky And Its Mum!

Watching this adorable baby husky pup play with its mama is just too cute for words! Licks, nibbles and playful pawing all feature in this clip that perfectly captures the loving relationship between mum and baby. We promise that you won’t be able to tear yourself away for the entire two …

Hilarious Husky Arguing About Getting A Bath
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Hilarious Husky Arguing About Getting A Bath

Every time Thunder gets a bath he has to protest, and according to the neighbours, they think he’s being tortured!! The funny part is that he cannot wait for Rita to get there and when she does he can’t wait for her to come get him…then the whole time he …

Siberian Husky

Funny Siberian Husky Playing In Leaves *HILARIOUS*

This AWESOME and overly zealous Siberian Husky LOVES playing in a huge pile of leaves in a manner only an extremely happy dog could. Well, I admit that I would probably love doing this as much as the dog (smiles sheepishly)… This is Hilarious! Watch below :)

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“Mishka, Give Me My Toy!” – 2 Huskies Arguing Over A Toy

Husky lovers will love this! YouTube Superstar “Mishka” the talking husky has claimed this toy for her own, but Leika is not too happy and wants it back. So the two dogs do what huskies do and talk about it. This is adorably hilarious!! Watch these two beautiful dogs banter …

How to Stop Baby Crying - 3 Amazing Husky's That Should Be Nannies
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How to Stop Baby Crying – Amazing Husky That Should Be A Nanny

Siberian Husky Sophie Makes 4 Month Old Baby Abbey Stop crying – On Command! This is AMAZING! If you’re like most parents, then there are times when you will have sought out a wide range of means to help to stop baby crying. Well look no further than the incredible …

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Boy And Adorable Husky Puppy Teaching Each Other To Howl!

What a precious childhood moment! This young boy is having the time of his life with his new best friend an adorable 20 day old Husky, Malamute cross – and to be honest, we’re not sure who does the best huskamute impression. Indeed these kind of special moments shared between two best …