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Husky Just Wants To Play…But This Cat Just Ain’t In The Mood!

This hilarious husky will not take no for an answer! The overly friendly dog tries so hard to engage and play with the cat, but as cats can sometimes be, she gives the dog no love at all just sitting there looking confused, a little annoyed and maybe a little …

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Husky Protects a Kitten From Its Own Mother!

Freya the Husky had a chance to babysit a kitten when the kitten’s mommy left her for a while. Oddly enough, in a very unusual interspecies act of ‘motherly instinct’, Freya the husky decided to look after and protect this tiny kitten, not even letting the kitten’s own mother come close acting …

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How to Stop Baby Crying – Amazing Husky That Should Be A Nanny

Siberian Husky Sophie Makes 4 Month Old Baby Abbey Stop crying – On Command! This is AMAZING! If you’re like most parents, then there are times when you will have sought out a wide range of means to help to stop baby crying. Well look no further than the incredible …

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Adorable! Husky Puppy Finds His Voice

How CUTE!! I used to have a husky and she would talk to me all day about all sorts of things and this little husky pup reminded me of her! Watch this and try telling me that it isn’t the most adorable thing ever!

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Video: Dog Imitates Baby!

This Husky remarkable responds and imitates this little baby! It’s so cute and no wonder why the video’s had over 13 million hits on YouTube. Check it out below and be sure to share the smiles!


Boston Firefighter Risks Life To Save Husky From Icy Death

During winter sadly there are too many stories of dogs succumbing to the dangerously low temperatures either through mishap or owner neglect. Although these stories can often be too much to bear, it is always encouraging bringing to light a hero that has saved the life of one of one …

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VIDEO: Funny Husky Who Really Enjoys A Head Massager

This funny husky’s owner gives his silver Husky a head massage with a wire massager! At first the dog doesn’t know what it is and is a little freaked out. But once it’s in place on his head, it’s oooh so good. Yaaaa, that’s the spot! Watch it below!

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VIDEO: Friendly, Cute Husky Really Wants To Be Friends With Cat

This is really cute! This cute, friendly husky really wants to be friends with his cat. You can almost hear her saying, “Come on!! Play with me…pleeaassseee!” I’m not sure which was funnier; the husky talking to the cat – or the cats face! Check out this adorably cute video …

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German Shepherd Confused About Talking Husky on Youtube

Noushka, a German Shepherd rescue dog shows some bewilderment as she watches a popular YouTube video of a husky “talking.” Her head tilts and cute reactions are to die for! Watch below!