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They Introduced This 13 Year Old Autistic Boy To A Pit Bull, But What Happened Is AMAZING!

They Introduced This 13 Year Old Autistic Boy To A PitBull, But What Happened Is AMAZING! An autistic boy learns the real meaning of unconditional love and compassion through the heart of a Pit Bull. Meet thirteen year old Joey. Joey has always had a difficult time meeting new people, …

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A Virginia Beach Pit Bull Is Being Called A Hero

The puppy was shot in the head during a robbery, but he didn’t die. He attacked the armed men and chased them away. Watch this amazing video below!

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Video: Hidden Camera Captures Dog Gleefully Playing On Off-Limits Bed

When the owners are away the dogs shall play. Their suspicions were proven valid after setting a camera which captured their dog gleefully playing on the off-limits furniture while they weren’t home. Watch it below.

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Rescued Pit Bull Injured As Dogfighting Bait Will Melt Your Heart

If you’re feeling shortchanged on sweetness and hope, here’s the antidote. Cadence the pit bull was apparently used as bait for dogfights. She was scared, scarred and exhausted when Hope for Paws approached her in a dark alley in Los Angeles. Cadence makes a remarkable recovery with the help of …

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Lefty The Pit Bull Takes Bullet For Owner

Four attackers had entered the pit bull’s family’s house in the middle of the night. One suspect allegedly tried to shoot her “dad,” but Lefty jumped in the way and the bullet hit her instead. Lefty suffered bleeding in her right, front shoulder, where her muscles had been torn. Her …

Pit Bull 'Indi' Strapped With Fireworks Makes Remarkable Recovery
Amazing Animal StoriesAnimal RescueDogsEVERYTHING PETSNew Lives

Pit Bull ‘Indi’ Strapped With Fireworks Makes Remarkable Recovery!

Pit Bull ‘Indi’ Strapped With Fireworks Makes Remarkable Recovery and is on track to becoming a human burn victim therapist. Scroll down for video.