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Rescued Seals Released Back Into The Wild

Who doesn’t love cute seals? The web sure loves ‘em. The Animal Planet posted this short video from their North Woods Law reality show of Warden Rick LaFlamme helping release a group of rescued seals back into the wild.

Orca Attack On Argentine Coast
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Killer Whale Attack: Orca Beaches Itself To Ambush Seals

OUT of the water, most seals would have every right to feel out of harms way. But off the coast of Argentina, the local killer whales have made even shore a dangerous place to be – by learning to safely beach themselves. With a powerful burst of speed the six-tonne …

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Elephant Seals Destroy Cameraman’s Tent

During filming for The Adventures of the Penguin King, 4 ton elephant seals crushed one of the crew’s tent. This would appear to be one hazard of shooting a movie in Antarctica…Watch this video below.