snake pit
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Man Immerses Himself In Pit Of Over 75,000 Snakes. If You’re Scared Of Snakes Don’t Watch This!

If you’re scared of snakes, you don’t want to be anywhere near Manitoba, Canada. The Narcisse Snake Dens are famous as being the largest gathering of slippery reptiles on the planet, the limestone caves a mecca for masses of red-sided garter snakes on the search for mates. While navigating your …

Honduran Milksnake / Photo: Doug Mong
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10 Most Beautiful Snakes on Earth

Whether you shudder at snakes or you like them, their beauty cannot be denied.  The snake above is named Honduran Milksnake. It is sad most of these species are in danger because of multiple reasons.

indian_cobra-normal cobra vs mongoose
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Cobra Vs Mongoose

Pretty tough looking snake that’s for sure, but he may have met his match. Snakes strike incredibly swiftly but when you see the speed of the mongoose, you’ll quickly discover that the cobra has met his match. Check out this video of a Cobra Vs Snake.

beautiful Albino Python
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Beautiful White Python

This beautiful white python is another dazzling member of the “White Ball Python Phenomenon.” The Blue-Eyed Leucistic can be made from several different combinations.