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The Amazing Story of Christian the Lion

  • This is one of the most truly inspiring animal stories I have ever heard. Many of us have heard about Christian the Lion before, but for me, it’s a story I can easily keep coming back to over & over again. It’s a heartbreaking story about a lion who was raised by humans, by the friends John Rendall and Ace Bourke. When the lion got too big for them to manage, they decided that the best thing for Christian was to have him released back into the wild. One year later they decided to visit him in Africa where he was released. Scientists & other so-called experts said that there was no way that a ‘wild’ lion could remember it’s human ‘parents’ after such time separated yet this amazing story proves otherwise & it is one reunion that you will never forget.
    Watch this video below.

    In 1969 Ace Bourke and John Rendall were two young Australian travellers who had just arrived in London when they bought a lion cub from Harrods department store. It was an impractical “impulse” buy, but while he was a cub they felt they could look after him as well as anyone, and do their best to secure his future. They called him Christian.

    Ace and John lived with Christian on the King’s Road, Chelsea and when Christian grew too big they moved to the country until it was arranged for Christian to be returned to the wild in Kenya.

    Two documentaries entitled The Lion from World’s End, and Christian the Lion were made about his life in London, his return to Africa, George Adamson assembling a “man-made” pride around Christian, and his rehabilitation back into the African wild. Ace and John also wrote A Lion Called Christian (1971) which was re-published in 2009 with superb photographs by Derek Cattani who documented Christian’s early life.

    There was another reunion a year later but by 1973, Christian had moved on. An American girl posted the 1971 reunion video on YouTube in September 2006 and after someone added a Whitney Houston soundtrack, it took off. “We stopped counting at 60 million hits on the internet six months ago,” he said.Mr Bourke has done media interviews around the world and appeared on Oprah.

    Now, forty years later with the YouTube clip featuring Christian’s unforgettable reunion with Ace and John a year after his return to Africa has a fresh, new world audience intrigued and enchanted by Christian’s extraordinary story. And with the mutual love and trust he shared with Ace and John, he has become a symbol of the potential of human-animal relationships and the importance and urgency of animal and wildlife conservation.[divider line=”true”]

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