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The Truth About Fukushima – Shocking Video Making Waves Across The Globe

  • Majestic marine animals such as whales could be at serious risk.

    We’re sure you all remember that fateful day in 2011 when an oceanic earthquake triggered a tsunami that swept its way across the Japanese coastline, leaving almost 16,000 people dead. As well as the horrific death toll, the natural disaster caused an estimated $210 billion worth of damage. Among the damaged infrastructure was a Fukushima power plant, which has since released the largest recorded amount of toxic radioactive material since 1986’s Chernobyl disaster.

    Over 160,000 residents were evacuated from Fukushima and surrounds, yet the mass departure has not stopped the toxic radiation from continuing to leak into the Pacific Ocean which borders the nuclear disaster site.

    While children and residents of the area are currently being tested for radiation poisoning, what about the marine life that calls the Pacific Ocean home? Living in contaminated water is almost certain to cause serious health problems, not only for the local ecosystem but for the entire ocean.

    Studies have been conducted on butterflies, showing that the consummation of contaminated food has a more or less lethal effect. Even more alarming is the fact that the mortality and abnormality rate significantly increased in the second generation, and rose again in the third. As such, this could cause huge problems for sea creatures that have escaped the initial radiation poisoning, yet still manage to harm themselves by unknowingly ingesting contaminated food.


    Organisms such as plankton are a key food source for many marine animals and could cause multi-generational damage if they are contaminated.

    Migrating animals such as whales could then cause these genetic abnormalities to spread to all corners of the globe, making this an incredibly serious problem that should not be ignored.

    For the full story, check out this video from controversial investigative journalist program, Vice.

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