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Top 10 Fastest Birds in the World

  • There are over ten thousand species of birds in the world, have you ever wondered which one is the fastest?


    This list below only contains speed generated through the wings of these birds. If we include speed generated through diving, then the King is “peregrine falcon”  in the above picture is the fastest living creature on the planet. It can reach incredible speed of 320 km/hr (200 mph) as it goes down upon prey from great heights.
    Here is a list of top 10 world’s fastest birds.[divider]

    10. Pintail
    105 km/hr   (65 mph)

    Northern Pintail

    9. Mallard
    105 km/hr   (65 mph)


    8.  Teal
    109 km/hr    (68 mph)


    7. Eider Duck
    113 km/hr     (70 mph)


    6. Canvasback Duck
    116 km/hr   (72 mph)


    5. White-rumped swift
    124 km/hr     (77 mph)


    4. Red-breasted merganser
    129 km/hr    (80 mph)


    3. Spur-winged goose
    142 km/hr   (88 mph)


    2. Frigate bird
    153 km/hr    (95 mph)


    1.  Spine-tailed swift
    171 km/hr    (106 mph)


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