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VIDEO: A Homeless Dog Living In Trash Gets Rescued And Then Does Something Amazing

  • “When I got there, I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said the Hope For Paws founder. “It’s almost as if this place was struck by a tsunami.”

    The dog, Miley, had been abandoned and left to die in the garbage. A local resident called Hope for Paws to let them know that the dog had been surviving in the trash heap for a few months. Eldad had a fair understanding of what to expect, but Miley’s condition surprised him still, her physical deterioration being “definitely one of the worst cases” he’d ever seen.

    Taken straight to the Veterinarian clinic for treatment, she was diagnosed with severe malnutrition, mange, parasites and bacterial infections and after given medicated baths and treatment for her wounds, it was determined that she needed time to rest and heal.


    Miley’s condition was severe

    By day three, she was ready to give her hero a kiss and a couple weeks later she met her new best friend – little ‘Frankie’, a dog rescued by Eldad from a drain pipe who was absolutely scared of everything. But watch the video below and see how Miley took Frankie under her wing and how these two beautiful pups have now become the best of friends, helping each other heal from their trauma. Watch the video below and please share this amazing animal story!


    Miley & Frankie

    Please share this wonderful story and the awesome work that Eldad and the Hope For Paws Foundation are doing!

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